Some short snippets to help with your design

Design snippets
1 for everyday of the month

Have you ever wondered what you could be doing to help your company with its design yourself? The answer will most likely be yes and so we have put together some design snippets to help you with one for every day of the month. Below are some small things for you to put in place for your business that will have an impact for better results with your image.

  1. Make the most of your business cards by making sure they have information about what your business does
  2. Use a bank of colours for your brand and stick to them – they will get recognised as yours
  3. Keep all your material consistent and keep your logo and contact details in the same or similar place
  4. Always have a ‘call to action’ on your marketing material ‘for more information contact us on…’
  5. Create variations of your logo to work on different materials and coloured backgrounds
  6. Your logo needs to work as big as a billboard and as small as a postage stamp
  7. Create mono, white out and single colour versions of your logo
  8. Include a strapline within your brand to help explain more about your business quickly
  9. Keep your advertising simple – busy adverts don’t work
  10. What your business does is more important than your company name
  11. Include a reference or offer on advertising so you know what material is working
  12. Ask any new enquiries how and where they heard about you
  13. Get professional printing as poorly printed material won’t reflect well on your business
  14. For leaflet and advertising design always include a strapline to catch the readers attention, then an intro para
  15. You have 3 seconds to make your advert stand out from the page as a reader scans the page before turning over
  16. An exhibition graphic should have an interesting design with limited text
  17. All design is about impact and being memorable – design sells
  18. Your brand design is the most important aspect of your business image
  19. Brand colours need to reflect and compliment your business
  20. Professional design will grow your image which will grow your revenue
  21. Any material that is given out with your logo on needs to have a message and purpose
  22. Use social media at least once a week to stay in touch and keep your name out there
  23. Give your advertising a friendly approach to give a subconscious message
  24. Use a strong grid base for any designed material including your website
  25. Be confident in your brand and it will grow with you
  26. Create custom colour coded icons for your website – it will make you stand out
  27. Think about what you don’t see rather than what you see – say no to visual clutter
  28. If you sell products take some professional shots and artwork out the background
  29. Add contrast to your design – the human brain loves contrasting colours
  30. Never fall into the trap of saying “no one will notice” or “its good enough” for small details – they will
  31. Keep all text above waist height on exhibition graphics is unlikely to be read below

And lastly, one for luck…

Your customers are your brand but you create it.


Well hopefully you will find these useful to help grow your business.

Thats all for now until the next blog.



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