Where have the last 3 years gone?!

Wow so my daughter has got through her first half term at School and more to the point – I have got through her first half term. The juggling child care and work is always an interesting concept for any Mum and while being a designer certainly gives me flexibility it is odd now I am back at my desk 5 days a week.

I’ve got a fresh new office to work in #brightgreen to brighten things up and I’m loving getting to catch up again at networking events.

September and October saw two very busy months for Brandall as I worked freelancing within another company for 3 days a week. All good.

Morning campers…. Well it is shocking

Morning campers….
Well it is shocking to believe we are in the middle of May, I am still hoping for another hot one repeated for this Bank Holiday.

Life is good and busy. If you are on Twitter come along and join in with #andoverhour every week on Wednesday’s at 7.30-8.30pm. If you have never heard of ‘hours’ on twitter it is a chance for to follow a hash tag and join in with likeminded people.
It is time to promote, interact and gain more followers.

Just Curry Andover is also going well and hard to believe in a few months we will have been running almost a year. With a few regulars and new faces each month it is well attended as people like the casualness of it.
For those that haven’t heard of it, contact me to come along. You only pay for what you eat.

Catch up

Good morning to all our bloggers out there – it has been sometime since I have logged in. No excuses – the usual things really, having a baby and running a business has been a journey (a good one of course).

It has been a busy 18 months but my feet are touching the ground again now and enjoying getting 5 minutes to concentrate ON my business not IN IT which is lovely. Starting to concentrate on building contacts again but in a slightly different area and closer to home.

Looking forward to Spring and seeing some sunshine, it has been a long winter with our lack of summer last year. Feeling really positive and focused.

A Successful Brochure – things to consider

Your brochure is an essential business tool and should run seamlessly with your website promoting the same messages and following the same brand look. It should reflect your expertise, professionalism and shout about the quality of your product or service(s) as well as being eye catching and captivating to effectively promote your company.

There is a lot to consider to get all the elements to work together so here are some tips to get your brochure started.


Identify the brochures purpose before you start

Think about what your brochure will be used for as an end purpose – advertising a new product or range of products, information about your services, a postal mailer with general information or a handout for a talk or event.


Keep the text simple and in plain language

You know what you do inside out, BUT your clients – new or existing need information in simple terms with no jargon to make easy reading. This is where you could use a copywriter to assist in creating your message.


Stick to information that won’t change frequently

Steer away from including stats and dates as they are likely to become out of date quickly, this will add an expiry date to the brochure and unless you are producing something solely for one event or printing low numbers ready to update when the date expires your brochures will quickly become useless.


Use high res imagery

The images in your brochure are as important as your text (in fact probably more important as although a harsh reality, it’s unlikely that all your copy will be read). You need sharp, striking images that fit with your brand and also they need to be exceptional quality and professionally taken or bought from an image site – your designer can help you with this. 


Get diagrams professionally created

If you do need to include diagrams into your brochure to explain a process  – make sure it is created by a professional and not generated by an office package. The diagram(s) need to fit with your brand colours and style.


Proof read, proof read, proof read

One proof reader is not enough, at least four people should proof read the finished document before print is committed (one being the designer as they will notice slight things that an untrained eye wouldn’t). A simple mistake within the copy can become very costly at print stage if it is not picked up.


Think about the size and distribution method

There are different ways of distributing your finished brochure but the end distribution needs to be considered in the design process. For example if it will be intended as a postal mailer you may want to opt for a finished size of A5 to keep postage costs down.

You may want to include the brochure with proposals or within a folder, in this case it looks neater to keep all the documents the same size and saves it from getting lost.


Choose a decent paper weight, finish and stock

Depending on your distribution method as above, weight and paper stock is another factor to consider. You want the right stock for the message you are giving. For example a solicitor would have a good thick paper stock to instil trust and quality.


Put readers first

Your readers are your target market/potential clients and need to be considered on all levels within the whole brochure design, flow and look to make it easy on the eye.


Don’t be too wacky

Whilst your brochure needs to shout about your business and get noticed it also needs to be neat and tidy and not too crazy in design so it is easily digested. A good designer will capture this balance perfectly.


If you need any advice with your brochure contact Bunny on design@brandalldesign.com for a no obligation chat.


The sun is shining

Its a great day for Business, Easter is around the corner and with all the business antics happening around in Salisbury there is something hot to talk about.
Salisbury Big Business Event is happening at The Guildhall, Salisbury in April for 3 days. Its going to be a fantastic event and there will be many speakers but best of all its FREE with NO SALES PITCHES! For more information have a look at http://www.salisburybigbusiness.co.uk/ Brandall Design is also really happy to be sponsoring the design for the event too.

Thinking about QR codes this morning and how useful they are as a quick reference tool for your business. If you are not sure what a QR is, it is the small black and white patterned square that are appearing everywhere, on packaging, leaflets, advertising, tv and websites. They are quick and easy ways of directing traffic to your site or mentioning a special event you are planning or even a quick way to pass on your contact details on the back of a business card.
If you would like one we can create QR codes at a reasonable cost if you need more information please contact us.

That’s another blog snippet over for now so enjoy the sun and back to work for me.

Some short snippets to help with your design

Design snippets
1 for everyday of the month

Have you ever wondered what you could be doing to help your company with its design yourself? The answer will most likely be yes and so we have put together some design snippets to help you with one for every day of the month. Below are some small things for you to put in place for your business that will have an impact for better results with your image.

  1. Make the most of your business cards by making sure they have information about what your business does
  2. Use a bank of colours for your brand and stick to them – they will get recognised as yours
  3. Keep all your material consistent and keep your logo and contact details in the same or similar place
  4. Always have a ‘call to action’ on your marketing material ‘for more information contact us on…’
  5. Create variations of your logo to work on different materials and coloured backgrounds
  6. Your logo needs to work as big as a billboard and as small as a postage stamp
  7. Create mono, white out and single colour versions of your logo
  8. Include a strapline within your brand to help explain more about your business quickly
  9. Keep your advertising simple – busy adverts don’t work
  10. What your business does is more important than your company name
  11. Include a reference or offer on advertising so you know what material is working
  12. Ask any new enquiries how and where they heard about you
  13. Get professional printing as poorly printed material won’t reflect well on your business
  14. For leaflet and advertising design always include a strapline to catch the readers attention, then an intro para
  15. You have 3 seconds to make your advert stand out from the page as a reader scans the page before turning over
  16. An exhibition graphic should have an interesting design with limited text
  17. All design is about impact and being memorable – design sells
  18. Your brand design is the most important aspect of your business image
  19. Brand colours need to reflect and compliment your business
  20. Professional design will grow your image which will grow your revenue
  21. Any material that is given out with your logo on needs to have a message and purpose
  22. Use social media at least once a week to stay in touch and keep your name out there
  23. Give your advertising a friendly approach to give a subconscious message
  24. Use a strong grid base for any designed material including your website
  25. Be confident in your brand and it will grow with you
  26. Create custom colour coded icons for your website – it will make you stand out
  27. Think about what you don’t see rather than what you see – say no to visual clutter
  28. If you sell products take some professional shots and artwork out the background
  29. Add contrast to your design – the human brain loves contrasting colours
  30. Never fall into the trap of saying “no one will notice” or “its good enough” for small details – they will
  31. Keep all text above waist height on exhibition graphics is unlikely to be read below

And lastly, one for luck…

Your customers are your brand but you create it.


Well hopefully you will find these useful to help grow your business.

Thats all for now until the next blog.




So – its been a while but all good things come to those who wait!! Lots have been happening this end and had a super busy start to the year which is great. Clients are building and building and repeat business is also growing.

The office mascot – Buster is working hard at my feet which is always nice company.

So what has been happening in the Brandall Bubble? Quite a lot really, broadening my horizons and working closely with other creatives to offer copywriting, web design as well as teaming up with a local exhibition company to produce graphics for us at really high quality we now offer a wider range of products to help make your exhibition go with a bang – that is the bang you want!  So it is Salisbury Expo soon on the 22nd September and we will be there wondering about chatting to all the businesses that attend. Its always a good event with lots of local business there which I love supporting.

Local business JM Associates is putting on an event to help raise money for charity NACC. Happy to say that as a joint prize Simply Great Copy and Brandall Design have supported this event by donating a prize of design and copy for an A5 leaflet. See my news page for more details. http://www.brandalldesign.co.uk

Thats all for now – have to dash out for a new client meeting. 🙂

Its stormy

Hi all

Well in my world its quite stormy! I have loads of new enquiries and I am meeting new people and networking lots which is great and I love my job. I was umbrella’d by another company, hence the name ‘Steelhenge Design’ BUT I am now changing my name. To what? I hear you ask? Well keep posted as there will be a big launch. I can’t wait. My very own business!! With all my years of experience in design I am now putting my business hat on and doing it.

I am looking up at the moon which is quite moody tonight and I have some caramel cooking downstairs for my really fattening caramel chocolate covered shortcake biscuits. OH YUM. Is it possible to eat them hot – NO damn it I have to wait for them to cool down. Oh the suspense! I’ve got three old bananas so banana cake too – I should of been a baker.

Soon to be a land of snow with a board under my feet – crazy huh! Who ever thought of that!!! Can’t wait.

Been on a seminar today about social sites which brings me onto mine. Go and add me – I need friends (haha) also you can see examples of my work too.

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