Its stormy

Hi all

Well in my world its quite stormy! I have loads of new enquiries and I am meeting new people and networking lots which is great and I love my job. I was umbrella’d by another company, hence the name ‘Steelhenge Design’ BUT I am now changing my name. To what? I hear you ask? Well keep posted as there will be a big launch. I can’t wait. My very own business!! With all my years of experience in design I am now putting my business hat on and doing it.

I am looking up at the moon which is quite moody tonight and I have some caramel cooking downstairs for my really fattening caramel chocolate covered shortcake biscuits. OH YUM. Is it possible to eat them hot – NO damn it I have to wait for them to cool down. Oh the suspense! I’ve got three old bananas so banana cake too – I should of been a baker.

Soon to be a land of snow with a board under my feet – crazy huh! Who ever thought of that!!! Can’t wait.

Been on a seminar today about social sites which brings me onto mine. Go and add me – I need friends (haha) also you can see examples of my work too.

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